What is Concepts11?

First it is important to note that this site is still going through construction. Some links may not work until that section of the site has been completed. Please check back frequently because content will be added on a regular basis.

Now to proceed...

Why the name Concepts11? It is simple and there is no real exciting story behind it; it just kind of happened. We had a several concepts about what we wanted the business to look like and my favorite number has always been 11, so the name Concepts11.

What about this site?

Well, that is pretty simple too. There are many things that interest us and that we are passionate about. We like website design, photography, photo restoration, anything with computers, teaching, video games, trains, auto racing and history (especially the Revolutionary period of our country's history).

So this website exists for us to delve into our passions and at the same time maybe educate a little bit. Quite frankly, you may find a little bit of everything here on this site. No promises of what will be here; you will just have to check it out for yourself.

So what could you possibly find here?

That is a good question. To start with you will find a section of the site has been set aside specifically to display photos that we have taken throughout the years. Our photo galleries are diverse and each of our interests will have its own pages. Auto racing, trains, travels to the western part of our country, family and other photos will eventually be on display. We also do scanning and photo restoration so a section of the gallery will be to display that work. An example to the right is a photo after a simple scan and restoration. To see the original move your mouse over the image.

Second, we offer a service that will help many people with old slides and negatives. Years ago slides and film photography were the rage before digital and lots and lots of photos were taken in these formats. Unfortunately the people whe took all those photos may no longer have a means to view the slides or the photos may have been lost or damaged beyond repair. We offer slide and negative reproduction along with our photo enhancement services. Watch for a section of our site dedicated to the service of reproducing slides and indiviual negatives.

In addition to the two main interests above, we also like to teach and we like to work on computers. So when possible we try to combine the two. We teach people how to feel comfortable with their computer and if someone has a computer that seems to be a bit "under the weather" we will perform a restoration on their computer. This is a slightly different service then many computer repair centers offer. To read more follow this link.

As mentioned previously, this site exists for us to explore the things we are passionate about and share them with anyone that finds them interesting. Please feel free to browse and stop by often as content is subject to change at amy time.